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I am a WABSA and Habitat Africa registered bird guide and wildlife tour leader. I can arrange transport for you and your friends to anywhere in The Gambia for bird and wildlife watching. Contact me at or look for me at the Senegambia Hotel taxi car park. tel: +2209441507/ +2209911507

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back in The Gambia for 2011!

I've been in England during 2010 studying in London, but I come home to The Gambia on 31 December and will be available for bird guiding from January 2011.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Holme Bird Observatory

When in the UK I was very lucky when Steve arranged for me to spend a few days at Holme Bird Observatory with Jed Andrews (the warden) and his wife, and Sophie (bird ringer at the observatory) where they catch and ring birds for studying migration. This is just one of many observatories studying birds in the UK.

Me with Jed outside the observatory

Ringing a Reed Warbler

Catching and ringing Swallows at dusk when they came in to roost

Bird ringing is fantastic. Maybe the some of the warblers and swallows we ringed at Holme might go to the Gambia this winter. I find migration very interesting and am still learning all about it. In Gambia we get migrants from Europe and from southern Africa.

Birding in the UK

Whilst I was staying with Steve and Liz in the UK (I am back home now in the Gambia), I was able to go birdwatching at many of the top sites.

I spent a day at Rutland Water (where the Birdfair is) with Steve and Liz

I went to Paxton Pits with Ray Mathews

I went to Titchwell a couple of times with Jim Swalwell (Geordie Jim)

And to Minsmere with Terry Leonard

I was lucky and I see many good birds like Bittern, Stone-curlew (like our thick-knee), Temminck's Stint and much more.

Where I stay with Steve amd Liz, around the house we spent many hours birdwatching on the fen and saw lots of Hobbies (like our Hobby), Marsh Harriers, even a Red Kite which I found. They get lots of small birds like Tree Sparrow in the garden. You can see Steve's site for things in his garden (including many moths).

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wildlife watching in the UK

Whilst I have been Staying with Steve and Liz Dudley, I have not only been birding but looking at other wildlife we see on the way. Here are some photos Steve took for me when we are out watching.

This baby lizard was in Steve and Liz's garden. Its much smaller than the one I see in The Gambia!

Steve also catches moths. This is one of the bigger ones we see around at their house. A Red Underwing. They roost on the walls of the house, and during a really bad storm, one came into the house to get away from the rain and hail. I had never seen hail stone before!

Steve and I spent a great morning looking for Red Kites not far from their house. We got great views of some. We saw at least 15 and 9 Buzzards. These two are fighting with their feet.

The weather in the UK is a bit like our rainy season back in The Gambia. Just its colder here when hte sun isn't shining on me! This is in the Fens at Woodwalton very near to where Steve and Liz live.

This is me birding at Rutland Water. I'm not used to wearing so many clothes! Here I need a waterproof jacket and wellingtons because of the UK weather.

This butterfly is a comma. I see lots of butterflies back home and we have recently a new book to help us identify them.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

At Birdfair 2006 in the UK

I came over to the UK for one month to stay with my friends I met in The Gambia Steve and Liz Dudley and to go to the British Birdfair. This is my first time in the UK and at the Birdfair.

With my friend Steve Dudley at the the Challenge Leica Leaders event

With Liz watching Steve in the Leica Leaders event

A Kingfisher made from the metal of a shopping trolley

A Bittern made from the metal of a shopping trolley

The Gambian Bird Guide football team - we reached the semi finals!

Looking around one of the many big tents - this one is the art tent

One the Speyside Wildlife stand

With Bonnie, Emma and Malcolm (Speyside Wildlife)

With Adam Kennedy (Birdseekers and Ultimate Pelagic guide)